Who are we?

Jonathan & Samuel
In short: travelling and filming are our favourite pastimes.

Since 2017 we are together on our way to weddings. We always appear as guests at your wedding. Only at second glance you will recognize that we are the videographers. This ensures authentic and emotional recordings.
Our style is natural and timeless. We do without a blatant overexposure and other failures into extremes.
In the evening we like to work with external light to get some dramatic and unique shots of you and your guests.
With our 23 and 25 years we are one of the youngest wedding videographers in Germany.
You can book us in Germany – and worldwide.

About us

Jonathan Schwalm

Wedding photography gave me the idea that filming is also very interesting. Not only that. It’s a lot of fun! Finally I can capture moments not only with a photo, but can show the whole process of a moment.
Together with my wife Stephanie I live at the beautiful Lake Constance. If there are three of us as photo & video team on your wedding, we are both responsible for the photos.

I enjoy nature, good and many books, a movie in between and hot chocolate! 🙂

Samuel Schwalm

Photos aren’t exactly my thing. That’s why I found it rather strange when Jonathan often asked me to take a camera in my hand. But one thing quickly became my favourite activity: Filming. It all started with a drone. A few videos here and there and a camera finally made sense.

I love capturing the emotions of a wedding. I don’t just do that with the camera, the sound also plays a big role.

At the moment I still live near Fulda and from then on I will gladly accompany your wedding all over Germany and beyond.

About us